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speakmarauder's Journal

teahouse camp

afraid of virginia woolf, andi clean my kitchen, awkward situations as gifts, back masking for guidance, bad juju cold sweats, baudelaire is my father, being bad company, being silent and alone, broadcasting to no one, butchers' lore, camerata mediolanense aren't rubbish, catherine breillat's body horror, channeling spirits through tapedecks, chelas tearoom, chromolithographs, cocteau genet sartre etc, cognac and taxidermy, collecting artists proofs, collecting book plates, collecting other printed ephemera, death in june protestors, disproportionate revenge, drinking chartreuse alone, early blooding mask, empty nightclubs, eris is my mother, eugene ionesco is ridiculous, failed astral projection, faking marian apparitions, french language everything, gaspar noé films, getting a gold tooth, god is michael haneke, god is pierre guyotat, gotterdammerung obsession, hanoi old quarter, history of reformation fervour, how dare you madam, japanning as mourning act, lewis carroll photographs, lip service to atheism, max dupain photographs, meltdowns at dinner parties, mephisto walz guitars, microfiche readers, not attending music festivals, pamphleteers and ranters, plastic virgin mary statues, rotting still lifes, ruins matador, side effects of seances, slow music and dirges, songs about coldness, songs about sleep, songs about tiredness, sopor aeturnus surprise party, staring into the air, that blade fetish album, the candy coloured clown, the no logo logo, thriving in negative environments, unexpected spiritual visitations, when rituals backfire, x-mal deutschland songs, xeroxing anything, you'll never work again